Friday, February 25, 2005

Books I am reading...

How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci – Seven Steps to Genius Everyday, by Michael J. Gelb.

Mr. Gelb is an off-shoot of Tony-Buzan, who contends that an average person uses only 1% of his brain-power and that the remaining 99% remains waiting to be un-locked.

Gelb believes that Da-Vinci unlocked that 99% of the hidden brain-power, or some good percentage of it. Well, how are we to know? From Da-Vinci’s phenomenal output we can say that he was definitely brilliant. But I am pushed to think – What if Da-Vinci had such a fantastic brain-connection that his 1% was equal to an average-Joe’s full 100%. But let us give Mr. Gelb the benefit of the doubt, at least till I have finished the book completely.

Right now, I have read only the first chapter. My initial opinion is that it is a good-read. Instead of switching channels between BBC-CNN-National Geographic, this is definitely a better use of time. I hope by the end of the book I can leash-out at least an additional 1% of my brain-power. You see, that way I will be twice as smart as I am now. By Amdahl’s Law, beyond the 50%, pushing yourself merely to unlock a further 5-10% will increase your smartness only marginally. For example, from 50% to 100%, though a huge leap, you would only double your brilliance.

Now, coming back to the book, the first chapter drills-in the fact that Da-Vinci was an accomplished man. We don’t really need any convincing, but no probs. The point Mr. Gelb is trying to make, probably, is that Da-Vinci was able to do so much precisely because he ‘saw things differently’.

I liked the probing questions Gelb asks, “Try to recall a moment last year when you were really really HAPPY?” Stop reading and think about it …

Did that thought make you smile. See, suddenly you are in a different mood.
More when I get to read further…


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