Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Publishing, publishing and publishing....

No matter what others tell you, the single most important 'goal' in a PhD student's life is getting your work published in top conferences and journals. To get published in a 'top conference', you would need close to 'top class work'. Therefore you will naturally push yourself to do above-average work. What is a top conference ? - you may be asking yourself.

Well, I opine three factors -

1. acceptance ratio - around 20-25% means good, less than 10% means you are brilliant, sorry i am Genius. But may be your supervisor had a brilliant idea and also made you rewrite the text of 5000 words 500 times. The ide however is to be able to pusblish with least amount of 'support' from the sup. More on this thing called 'sup-effect' later. Meanwhile (i mean after you finish reading what i have to say), may be you should read (

2. How big is the conference, how many good-researchers in your field will be there.
Will they really be there, or the proceedings will just flash their names in the TPC (Technical Prorgamme Committe).

3. The keynote speech - I think keynotes open up our minds more than any paper-presentation, because let's face it - most presenters are slide-readers. Last year, I heard a talk from Richard Newton (UCBerkeley) that was simply fantastic. He was so enthusiastic, he single-handedly filled the room with energy.


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