Friday, April 01, 2005

PhD or an MBA

Let me start by saying that both are excellent choices that will enhance your self-esteem, career prospects, analytical skills, and, last but not the least, your salary.

PhD students are usually on a scholarship. Somebody with a M.S. degree could get, say, 84K annually. On the other hand, if she signs up for a PhD she could maximum hope for 20K a year. Of course, this ‘small sacrifice’ is made in the interest of future-gains. After all, PhD is research, and research means sacrificing revenues of today for a brighter tomorrow. The MBA, on the other hand, is mostly self-financed. But, just like the PhD-Girl, the MBA-Boy is doing it to learn more and earn more.

Are you at a crossroad, thinking whether you ought to get a PhD or an MBA?
Experience tells me that you are a rare bird. Consider yourself most gifted. Most people are cutout for atmost one. PhDs are observe-and-analyze, while MBAs are observe-and-talk. Society needs both. Well, society needs a lot more – observers, practitioners, presenters, consumers, onlookers and commentors (like, your’s truly).

Also, nobody can stop you from doing both a PhD and an MBA. By the same token, you can choose to do neither of them, and still do extremely well in your professional life. As I see it, a successful professional life centers on some basic tenets – a curious mind, a positive attitude, the courage to challenge and change the status quo and an ability to convince others to trust you and believe in you.
more later ... (paper deadline approaching...)