Thursday, May 12, 2005

Star Wars - Revenge of the Sith

Returned the Sith have. Captured the Galaxy from the Jedi they did.

So much for Yoda and his sentence-reversing spin(BBC). He should rather say, "Pathetic compared to the Sith I was. Kicked on my ass I should be."

Kudos to George Lucas. I watched the movie and felt the Sith fervor in me. It was a relief to see the stranglehold of the Jedis on the Republic all but disappear. The Emperor, with his grand messianic mission of Galaxial Restructuring, at last reigned supreme.

At the end of the day, it turned out to be the age-old story of 'Good over Evil'. You see, the Jedi council never did much except negotiate and deliberate. It was clear to all (including Anakin) that the red-tape was simply too much. For example,
Master Yoda -> Master Windu -> Qui Gon Jin -> Obi Wan Kenobi -> ... -> Anakin. Now, who would want to be so low down in the food-chain. It took 15 minutes of prime movie time (Attack of the Clones) for the council to decide that Anakin should accompany Amidala to Naboo. Gross inefficiency. Couldn't they just see the sparks flying.

Well, Senator Palpatine finally becomes the Emperor - he really wanted it bad. Episode IV, V & VI - where his good judgement is re-questioned - are things of the past (1980s) now. Done, made. Lucas is not going to redo them again.

So, we might as well say - "Long Live the Emperor. May the FORCE be with him" - just falling in line with the Regime of the day ;)

Be serious. Need the FORCE to complete your PhD, you will hmmm...


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