Thursday, June 16, 2005

Some Reviewers

Sometimes reviewers are simply impossible. My recent submission (on a really path-breaking concept that I developed) came back 'rejected'!

Sometime ago, I talked about 'rejection news spreading like wild-fire to all colleagues etc'. Well, that turns out to be really true. Everybody seems to know about it - somehow. Bad news takes the TGV while good news is transported on mule-back. The 'full review' is not back. So I will reserve my 'feedback to the reviewers' for later.

I am done with the Journalising. I managed to metamorphosize the Sonnet (6-page conference paper) to an Epic Poem (30 page Journal).
It is right now on Sup's desk. Ok, this part is really useful for PhD folks. 'Peter' you can skip this one (from now on, I will address all my readers who leave a reply/comment by pseudonyms)

Sermonizing -
The path to journalizing is long but rewarding. Much you will need to learn, that which you didn't during conferencing. Treat the journalizing effort as a direct contributor to your dissertation.

End of sermon. Will add more later, right now I have to get back to this 'quick paper' that I am writing. A 'quick' paper is to an 'easier conference' but helps keeping the engine going.


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