Friday, April 07, 2006

Top 10 Reasons for Doing a PhD

So, you think getting a PhD is going to be good for you? But are you sure you are not kidding yourself - i.e. are you suffering from Myths about a PhD? Check your ideas against our list to make sure if instead you should try something else in life -

1. You LOVE Research - finding new things that others will thank you for (even after you are dead). Of course, there have been people like Gauss who loved to find out the truth for themselves - and did not care much if others were made aware of it or not. But lets say these two types are same and so in this category. So if you are Research type - carefully choose your area of work and make sure nobody can force you to do what you dont want to do.

2. You LOVE Academics - I mean learning and teaching. Definitely, a PhD is becoming more and more important to gain an academic position. Academic types should try to publish their work at great conferences, journals, develop a network with other professors and at least a bit with industry. The ranking of the U where you get your degree, and the clout of your Promoter is very important.

3. You LOVE Industrial Research - a PhD is not absolutely necessary but not a bad idea either. Try not to do a too theoritical - blue sky - research otherwise you will be out-of-place when you go back to industry.

4. You LOVE to try something New - For instance, if you started your career in Civil Engineering and now feel that Bio-Technology is the new big thing. The PhD will take longer - naturally - but if you are going to a great place, willing to persevers, then its a great idea.

5. You LOVE the sound of 'Dr' - if this is all you want, please, please dont waste your time (about 4 years).

6. You LOVE to Make More Money - this is a tricky one, because perhaps doing an MBA will get you more money. Again, if you think 5 and 6 are linked, think again.


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